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Using Rebates Will Help You Increase Your Savings Account

Rebates will help you get some of your money back that you have spent on an item. 

Step On Up To The Roasting Register

I know the struggle and the anxiety that happens as each item is scanned, increasing how much money you will be paying out. 

Watching our totals go up only for us to pay out, it is very stressful. As we look around trying to avoid freaking out, the kids are bored and frustrated, it seems like everyone is staring at you. 

Instead of having the feeling of satisfaction of making sure your family has everything they need, you feel guilty. Instead of embracing the feeling of saving money, you are having to worry about every single cent being added to your total bill. 

Are You Loosing Too Much Money At The Register?

loosing money
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It is like the cashier has called your name from the audience to step up, into the roasting spotlight. Everyone scrutinizing you, the kids and each item that you have placed on the conveyer belt for purchase. 

And then, to top it all off, that moment when the cashier practically gives you your sentence…. How much money you have to pay out. Even worse if you are an EBT user or a WIC user, the stares, it feels like others are trying to burn you alive with their eyes. 

Using rebates, sales, other discounts and coupons will help you take back some of that power and some of that satisfaction that you deserve to feel every time you go shopping. 

Check Out The Money Savings Guide For More Tips. There are some free printables there that you may find helpful.

Shopping Doesn’t Have To Make You Sick

~In America, there are thousands just like you. They too are feeling the same way. Many of us live paycheck to paycheck. Job security is more of a thing of the past these days. We all struggle with money, many of us have such a bad relationship with money that we can’t even deal with talking about money.

Going shopping is something we all need to do. We have to eat, keep ourselves clean, our environment clean and keep as healthy as we possibly can.

But going shopping doesn’t have to make us sick or roast us alive.

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Use Rebates To Get Your Money Back

Rebates are a great way to get some satisfaction when it comes to saving money.

After being roasted at the register, that feeling of getting some of your money back is like taking a jab back at that register! 

Using rabates isn’t hard, it is pretty easy to do, it is actually easier to do than couponing! And speaking of coupons, you can combine coupons and rebates for most items. 

sad about being broke. poor.
photo credit: Sira Anamwong (free digital photos)

Some things that your rebate money can help you pay for are wishlist items, vacations, holiday spending money, financial safety net, house down payment, anything that you need money for basically.

How To Start Using Rebates To Save Your Money

The first thing you need to do is sign up of course. Then plan out your shopping just as you do with your couponing. The added step of doing the rebate will seem tedious, but in the end you will save money. 

I have the apps on my phone, so it is pretty simple. The only thing is actually remembering to claim the rebates. Sometimes you only get a few days to claim the rebates, so be sure to make it a point to check rebate offers every few days. Schedule it into your calendar, I know it may seem silly to do that, but it sure does help!

One thing I like about rebates these days is that most allow you to transfer the funds right into your PayPal account and the payout threshold isn’t a ridiculous amount. For many of them, the threshold is only $20.00, which is great gas money or a last minute thing you need, unless you have decided that rebate money is solely for your financial safety net ;). 

Some rebate apps let you choose to either send a check, send to your PayPal account or get gift cards. 

Save That Money

After signing up and downloading the app, it is time to claim the rebates. Be sure to save your reciepts becuase they are vital to claiming a rebate.

Go into the offers section an tick each one that you will be claiming. This has to be done before you can upload the photos of your reciept to claim the rebate.

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Just click the photo icon and keep your phone really still and level. Take a photo of your receipt and click redeem offers. Walmart is the easiest because the barcode at the bottom is all that you need to scan, I wish they were all like that. 

Sometimes you can use different rebate apps to get money back on the same purchase. 

To answer an important question that many of you have been wondering…

Yes you can claim rebates on items you have purchased using your EBT card or WIC card!!

Checkout 51 Rebate App

Download the Checkout 51 rebate app to get back some of your money on brands such as Welch’s. Bush’s. Nabisco, Hershey’s chocolate, Atkin’s and so many more brands that we get regulary. 

Checkout 51 has mainly food brands.

checkout 51 cash back offers.

iBotta Rebate App

Download the iBotta rebate app to get back some of your money on brands such as Del Monte, Pillsbury, Heinz, Happy Squeeze, Playtex, Nestle, Post and so many more brands that we have in our homes already. 

iBotta has food, personal care, alcohol and household brands and we can use it with many stores. 

With iBotta, we have to choose the store that we are buying the item from, click it to redeem from that store. 

ibotta rebates

Saving Star Rebate App

Saving Star is a great rebate app for brands such as Goya, White Castle, Yoplait, Uncle Ben’s, Inisom, Land o Lakes, Udi’s, Viva, Dunkin Donuts and so many more brands that help complete our shopping lists. 

With Saving Star you can use their planner to help you plan out your shopping so that you can carry out your rebate claims. 


Ebates Rebate App

With Ebates, you will be able to shop from stores like Amazon, Belk, Blue Apron, Kohl’s, L.L. Bean, Macys, Priceline and many more. 

It is very conveneint and who doesn’t love getting cash back? I know not only do I love convenience, but also getting cash back!

ebates rebates. rebates. cash back

>Do you have questions about how to use rebates to help you get your money back? What do you think about rebates? 

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