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Valentine’s Day Ideas To Encourage More Sensual, Romantic, and Intimate Connections

Shopping for Valentine’s Day isn’t just about buying a box of chocolate, going out to dinner, and having some intimate time together. Choosing a gift that keeps on giving to you both will make every day Valentine’s Day in your relationship. More importantly, creating an experience will bring you both closer together.

Are you wanting to have and create more ways for you to connect, build and strengthen your bond as a couple? This is what you can be doing just by simply planning out what results you would like to happen. 

This Valentine’s Day Gift Suggestions post is different because the gifts are focused on things to help the couple bond, learn more about themselves and each-other and strengthening your relationship together. 

Think about what you want more of in your relationship. Think about ways to connect with the love of your life in multiple ways. How can you improve the quality of the time you spend together? What types of products and services can you buy to make those things happen? With just a few of these Valentine’s Day gift suggestions, you can create some very memorable times.

Valentine’s Day is about two people being together, gifts only for him or for her aren’t really productive like a gift for both of you will be. A super gift is a package or bundle of items. This can be items that the both of you can use together and also have a special item they can use, just for them self. 

Some of these gifts only require your time and attention, others are physical gifts to help bring it altogether.

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift You Can Give To Your Relationship

If you want more of these things in your relationship 

  • Intimacy
  • Caring
  • Romance
  • Understanding
  • Forgiveness
  • Communication
  • Feel and Be Wanted
  • Love
  • Quality Time Together

Then this list of Valentine’s Day Gift Suggestions is for you! 

When you help and get proactive in your relationship, you not only continue building and strengthening it you are also taking care of your self-care too! You are taking care of yourself plus the person you love and they are doing the same.

9 Ways To Have A Nice Time On Valentine’s Day

When you are in a relationship, Valentine’s Day period is a good time to give each other love. We thought we would offer you some ideas to put on the agenda to fall in love with your well-being on Valentine’s Day. Taking time for yourself is as important as taking time together. And since we often tend to put others before ourselves, these connection opportunities are often overlooked. This year, we encourage you to make those sweet moments a priority. So here are 9 ways to whisper sweet words to your body and mind this February 14th.

  1. Organize a relaxing wellness day at home

A SPA weekend is not an option this year? Well, how about if you celebrate Valentine’s Day at home and let yourself be pampered in your own four walls? Think of a relaxing bath together, face masks, massages, and anything else you can think of. Of course, the right music to relax and scented candles should not be missing.

  • Organize a romantic dinner at home

Whether at home or in your favorite restaurant – a good and delicious meal accompanied by a glass of wine is simply part of Valentine’s Day. And if the whole thing happens with romantic music and candlelight, a romantic mood arises immediately! Also, with the right decoration, bring love into your home.

  • Learn something new and take a cooking class

Cooking together and enjoying it together – that sounds like the perfect Valentine’s Day at home! Instead of having something delivered, make dinner preparation special by signing up for an online cooking class.

  • Make yourself comfortable with a romantic movie night

Watch a movie? This is a completely normal evening. You would probably say by now. But now that it’s Valentine’s Day, you can permit yourself to watch as many movies as you want.

  • Do it yourself

The most special thing you can do on this day will be with your own hands, forget about going to a store and buying the first thing you see or pass hours in front of shop windows trying to guess what will be the ideal gift? If you really want to surprise on this special day with the perfect gift, do it yourself.

  • A Custom-made Gift For Valentine’s Day

If you are looking for a gift with certainty, you can choose to personalize a jewel. Record a date, a special moment, a feeling, or a name that reminds your half that you will always be together.

  • Meditation as well as aromatherapy

To relax as a couple, this type of experience is aimed especially at wellness lovers. As with movie night, you will receive a kit with everything you need, and through a video conference, you will be guided in your session.

  • Write a “Top 10 Reasons Why I Love You” list

Take a beautiful leaf and just list the 10 reasons why you love it. Leave the list in the middle of the table so that it is clearly visible.

  • Write a message of love on the mirror

Use a bar of soap to write a message of love on the bathroom mirror, or if you shower first, write a little love note on the mist of the mirror.

Check out these gift suggestions for the best Valentine’s Day that you will not forget and will be so proud of too. 

First, I recommend a good writing pen for all those love notes you will leave one another. The Fisher raw brass bullet pen is a great one. It will also write in any position, even upside down or at any angle.

fisher bullet pen

Start out with a heart-felt Valentines Day card

valentines day card

It is important to give a card because you will have to think about what to say in it. You don’t want to just sign it, you want to tell your Babe how much they mean to you.

This card becomes a keepsake, kind of like your relationships heirloom. It will be referred back to over and over throughout the years.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, you can find some really greats cards, sometimes even limited edition type. Get more than one card, like one for each month for the next year; Make it a point to gift a love card each month. 

Relationship Building:

The couple who does more together rather than going in separate directions too frequently can commit more quality time together.

You will help and encourage your relationship to last longer. Find ways to be together more often in various ways. Show interest in their hobbies and things they like to do.

Be present without too much mind wondering when you are talking to them or when you are participating in any activity together. Do things that enhance your relationship with yourself as well as your special soul mate too. 

Commit Frequent Acts Of Romance

romantic vows

Show interest in their hobbies and things they like to do. Be present without too much mind wandering when you are talking to them or when you are participating in an activity together. Do things that enhance your relationship with yourself as well as your special soulmate too. 

This means when Babe is talking to you, put down the phone and possibly far away from you, leave it on the dresser. Leave no room for distractions so you can be more attentive with your Valentine.

Do things that enhance your relationship with yourself as well as your special soulmate too. Choose a Valentine’s Day Gift that can be used together.

Give more to your Babe, more hugs, more attentive passionate attention, focus on the little things because those are remembered more, focus more on them in different ways that show them you really are interested in making them happy, their life easier.

Make them feel like the sun, being the brightest star, someone who floats around with pure confidence, help them embrace each day, and have something to look forward to. 

Couples Kindle Cards offers your relationship, romance and intimacy activities to improve the connection you have with the love of your life and soulmate.

couples cards

The Love Game has fifty-two ways for you guys to learn a lot about each-other. Help open up the lines of communication between you two and help you gain some insight about your lover and who they are.

the love game

Eat More Meals Together:

Filet Mignon Dinner for two includes everything already flavorful and ready to eat. A great choice for Valentine’s Day dinner. Spend more intimate time together and eat in the comfort of your home. 

valentines day dinner

Get your dinner ingredients delivered to your door. Save time and money not worrying about what is for dinner. The couple who cooks and eats together will have a stronger relationship. 

Blue Apron will hand-pick premium ingredients, package them all together and give you step by step easy to follow recipes.  It easily fits into small budgets yet doesn’t skimp out on quality or flavor. 

valentines day meal

Set up the dinner table to be cozier but not overcrowded or busy.  Dim the lights, use softer lights or change the color altogether, purple is a nice one, red may be too strong, blue is another nice one or go lighter with a yellowish tint. Get candles that promote relaxation, include at least one candle that helps enhance pheromones too. 

I really like this setting, it can be used every night. Decorating Your Small Space offers really nice romantic dinner table ideas. Here is my favorite, click the photo to learn how to make your own.

table decoration ideas
Romantic Dinner Table; photo credit: Decorating Your Small Space

Unwind Together: 
Get a really nice set of glasses to use while unwinding and decompressing from your stressful day. Have a special dessert set and load it up with tasty fun snacks that you can munch on together while chatting with Babe. Relax and spend some quality time together.
Valentine’s Day Gifts from Home Wet Bar offers various sets of glasses to choose from. My two favorite sets are:

Port Sippers Glass Set

wine glass

Let’s Get Tipsy Set

wine glass

For couples who typically travel for the weekend and are taking a pause on that for 2021 – Watson Adventures hosts virtual scavenger hunts and trivia games at locations around the world to help people experience the culture and new experiences through virtual “travel.”

The games feature a live “hunt host” connecting teams around the world via video conferencing and a computer, smartphone or tablet to navigate the 60-90 minute live game.

watson virtual scavenger hunt

In addition to the global “travel” games (details below), the company has launched an all-new Valentine’s Day offering for adults:  “Naked at the Museum: A Valentine’s Day Virtual Scavenger Hunt.”  This limited-time offering visits museums around the country through crazy questions about strange, startling, awkward, provocative, blush-worthy, and other outrageous works of art that exhibit some connection with nudity.

Here is a book to help you along the way. How to Impress Babe with a Romantic Dinner at Home: A quick guide, including get-ready checklists, table setting rules, wine pairing, and 18 recipes for appetizers, mains, and desserts

This is a nice heart plate set to hold your dessert on, the hearts are a nice touch reminding you that you’re sharing a special moment with someone you love.

dessert plates

Play Games Together:

Let loose every weekend playing games together. Whether they are card games, board games or video games playing with your Babe is very beneficial in many ways. 

Here are a few game suggestions

Strike Up More Conversations:

Talking to each other doesn’t cost a thing. It is an investment actually and is one of the best things you can do. Make it a point that from this day forward you will have more meaningful conversations with your soul-mate.

If you do get stuck about what to talk about, check out games and conversation starter activity cards. 

Here are some snacks to eat while playing games or watching movies, from Nature’s Garden.

natures garden holiday box of snacks

Read Together:

Form a book club for two. Choose a book for you to read together and talk about. Choose a book you think Babe will like and be interested in and they will do the same for you. Talk about what you are reading together. Don’t forget to get books about self-development, that will help both of you together as a power couple as well as individually too. Help one another with their self-care and self-love needs and responsibilities. 

Want More Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts: Sexy Valentine Gifts

What Do You Have Planned For Valentine’s Day? 

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