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How To Use Walgreen’s Sales With Coupons

Steps To Complete A Successful Walgreen’s Deal

New Walgreen’s Sales start on Sunday, have your coupons, deals you are taking advantage of and reusable shopping bags ready to go on Sunday night.

What To Expect From This Post

  • What Perks And Benefits Information
  • Money Saving Tips To Use In Walgreens
  • Where To Find Printable Coupons
  • Reminder To Log Your Successful Shopping Haul

Walgreens shopping can actually be fun, they have different selections from other places, and that is a plus for me.

Take Advantage Of Walgreen’s Perks

Balance Rewards Card Sign up for your Balance Rewards account online, just takes a few minutes but will save you time and money. If you need to return or exchange something if you happened to lose your receipt an employee can look up the purchase if you used your Balance Rewards card during the purchase. 

Online Account – Allows you to track your purchases, order and reorder products. You will be able to track your points earned, clip in store coupons and even use the pharmacy too. Clip all the coupons you plan to use and keep checking to ensure you don’t miss the expiration dates. 

Reward Points – Some products earn you some points and sometimes they increase points to give you extra points during really good sales. These points can then be exchanged to lower the cost of your purchase.

Monthly Coupon Book – Mini booklet located in the front where you pick up the weekly Walgreen’s sales ad. Filled with various ways to save money on your Walgreen’s purchases throughout the month. 

Register Rewards – This is like getting money back, except it is more like instant Walgreen’s dollars. Every week there are new register rewards available, they print out on your receipt and you can “roll” them to give you more savings. Check the store ad each week to see what items are offering these little rewards.

Catalina Register Rewards – At the register is a small machine that prints out coupons and other rewards. Some coupons are store issued and some are manufacturing coupons. Sometimes they give you a certain amount of money of or percentage off. The items that prints out are typically based on your purchase history.

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Walgreen’s Coupon Usage Tips

Store coupons that you clipped, like in the Walgreens App can be used most times 2 – 4 times, be sure to read the small print to make sure.

For Example: If you wanted to buy 4 packages of candy and you had clipped an in-store coupon, you may be able to use that one coupon on all 4 packages. 

Coupon Stacking means that you can use one in store coupon plus one manufacturer coupon together on one item to lower its cost. 

  • To maximize the savings on each item you purchase, use one in store coupon and one manufacturer coupon, together while the item is on sale. Hopefully, there are some extra reward points being offered, register rewards and maybe there are some other money back savings going on!
  • To get the most out of your money saving efforts, I recommend breaking up your transactions. This means that it is more beneficial to do two or more transactions during each of your shopping trips. 
  • Go as early and as often as you can because there are other #couponclippers in your area that will actually wipe out the shelves before you can even blink!
  • Walgreen’s does not accept competitors coupons.

Click Clip and Print Coupon Banner To Go Directly To Page Of Coupons

clip and print coupons here
Opens In New Window So You Can Easily Clip and Print Coupons
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How To Shop The Walgreen’s Sales To Get The Best Deals

  1. View Walgreen’s Sales Ad Online Here
  2. Write Out All The Sale Items You Will Be Buying
  3. Clip All the Digital Coupons That You Will Be Using
  4. Go Through Your Paper Coupons Take Out Ones That Match Sale Items In Walgreen’s
  5. Paperclip All Coupons To Your Shopping List And Store Paper
  6. Be Sure You Have A Printed Copy Of Walgreen’s Sales, Coupons, And Raincheck Policy

You want to write C next to items you will be using coupons with, this means coupon and FP (final price) with the end cost next to the C; (ex:) It should read Meow Mix Dry Cat Food -C-FP $0.34. Easy to glance and take note for your end cost.


Now It Is Time Shop, Collect, And Log All Your Savings

  1. Eat A Meal Or Snack That Has Complex Carbs, Fresh Fruit, And Protein About Thirty Minutes Before You Leave
  2. Grab Your Shopping List, Coupons, Sales Paper And Reusable Shopping Bags
  3. Do Not Add Anything Else Into Your Shopping Cart Until After Your Sales Shopping Items Are All Inside Your Cart
  4. After Loading Items At The Register Give ALL Coupons To Cashier
  5. Triple Check To Make Sure That All Sales, Coupons, and Other Rewards Have Been Properly Applied
  6. Snap A Picture Of Your Savings And “haul” So You Can Share With Us Using #couponcolleagues and or #couponclippers Blur Out All Personal Info
  7. Triple Check To Make Sure That No Items Were Accidentally Left In The Car And Put Everything Away ASAP
  8. Log Your Savings And Dollar Round Up Amounts In Your Money Savings Challenge Log And Planner
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Be Sure To Track And Log All Your Savings In Your Sales And Coupon Savings Planner

tracking coupons. tracking sales. how to use coupons. planning your shopping trip
Download And Print To Keep Track Your Money Flow, Savings And Other Important Money Saving Tasks
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Did you find some great deals that helped you get everything you need and want? 

Are you beginning to be able to catch up or get ahead so that you don’t run out of items so quickly?  

I love shopping in Walgreen’s for a few reasons, I get more items that I use for less money. Plus the selection of items is different from other stores, especially seasonal and toys too. The other reason why I enjoy shopping in Walgreen’s is the store is always neat, orderly, everything is labeled with product info and prices plus the employees so far have always been super helpful, kind, patient and helped me with many little things to make shopping with a toddler easier.  Hey #couponclippers clip, print & redeem this week #coupons Click To Tweet


Please Share Your Walgreen’s Story In The Comments

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  3. Share 1 Negative-Con Walgreen’s Experience
  4. Why Do You Like Shopping In Walgreens’s?
  5. Anything Else About Walgreen’s? You Want To Share? 

*Be honest, but be respectful and we can ONLY get positive change when you offer solutions that work for you. 

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