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Why Everyone Needs a Side Hustle and How to Start One

Everyone should have more than one stream of income, what that is will be different for each of us. I hope this post gets you thinking about all the things you are currently doing that will also help you make money.

Making money outside of your main job is not hard and sometimes, depending on what it is, can make you money while you sleep. This money you make can then be used to reach your financial goals, whether it being paying off debt or saving to buy a home. Some people work ten hours a week and make a good chunk of money.

First determine what your goal is for doing a side hustle. Then figure out how much time, energy and effort you have to offer to this side hustle.

What is a Side Hustle?

A side hustle is quite simply a small part-time job, in which you provide a service or create something to be sold. They can include things like evening babysitting, knitting scarves, answering emails, and delivering food.

When it comes to side hustles, you are the boss and you decide how much you can take on at any one time. These days 37% of working Americans have a side hustle according to a Bankrate survey from 2018.

why you need a side hustle

How do I manage to stay productive and get my job done while working from home?

If this question is also making you go insane, this info is exactly what you need! These are some of the most effective suggestions given by people who have been working from home successfully. These somewhat small and simple tips can help you create a difference.

Put a clear wall between office and work

It is extremely important to prioritize things well. Keep dedicated time for both home and office work and follow it strictly. When you are in office hours, focus solely on office deadlines and work.

The same goes for when you are out of “office hours”. Focus on your family and friends as well. Don’t do work in your free time unless it’s something super urgent. Give enough attention to both things.

Design a proper workplace at home

This kind of goes with the first tip in this list. Having a proper place for you to sit and work at can actually affect your productivity a lot. It also helps you to get in the correct “office mood” and work better.

You can choose a place where you sit comfortably for the designated office hours. You can also keep some of your office stuff like notebooks, pens, etc to make it more office-like. Do everything you can to make this place your office away from the office. Doing this will show a really good improvement.

Follow your normal routine

Even though the situation currently is a bit difficult, it is necessary that we get somewhat used to it. Setting up a schedule that works the best for yourself can help you out a lot in that case.

Decide when you will wake up each day. Have breakfast like normal and get dressed as you do for the office. Follow the time you have decided for working and relax when you are free. Read the news to stay updated but never overdo it because it can be dangerous. The main point is that you do what you do normally as much as you can.

Take plenty of breaks in between to relax

While you were working in the office, you must have had dedicated break timings. Now that you are at home, don’t forget to put those kinds of breaks in your office times.

Take a walk in the house, have some snacks or lunch or talk to your friends for a while as a refresher. This will help get rid of the exhaustion and focus better on things in hand. So put enough breaks but make sure to not overdo them.

Keep the communication going constantly in the team

Communication is the most essential factor of this entire procedure. It is important to be updated at all times even though everyone is not working in the same space. Which makes constant communication responsibility of each team member. I consider my children to be part of my team, without their cooperation, it would be difficult to work at home.

Make sure everyone else knows what you are working on as well. This will help to improve the speed of the work and get everyone going in the same direction.

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Make a definite schedule for everything

It is possible to slack a little when you realize you are in your own house and not at the office. This is why you have to train your mind to focus. Think about only working in working hours and get things done as best as you can.

At the same time, it is also seen that people lose track of time while working. If you train yourself to start at a particular time, you also have to stop at a particular time. Fix a timeline to work in and then follow it. It’s as simple as that.

Why Do I Need a Side Hustle?

There isn’t one single way to answer the question of why you need a side hustle. Because the truth is there are a lot of different reasons and not all of them will apply to every person. But here are a few reasons why you need a side hustle.

Paying Off Debt – A shocking 80% of all Americans are carrying debt and that number is only growing each year. Having a side hustle in which you’re bringing in more money than just your traditional 9 to 5 job will give you the chance to pay that debt off faster and you are less likely to accumulate more debt.

Financial Security – The sad truth is that no one’s job is 100% guaranteed to keep going forever. Companies downsize and close all the time and there is no guarantee that this won’t happen to you. Having a side hustle when you lose your job could be all the difference in these emergency situations. With a side hustle, you’re guaranteeing that you will still have some money coming in while you look for a new job. It may not be a lot but it also might cover your monthly car payment which will allow you to look for jobs further from home.

Helping Your Children’s Future – These days many families can’t afford to send their children to college without massive loans that they will spend the next couple of decades paying off. With a side hustle though you can start setting a little bit of money aside for your kids’ college funds and help break the cycle of debt for them.

Build Wealth – If you are one of the 20% of Americans that is debt-free then a side hustle is an opportunity for you to build wealth and have more saved for your retirement. You might even be able to retire earlier than average.

You Can Make So Much More – Depending on what your side hustle is you can charge much, much more than you would ever get from an employer. Social Media Managers barely make minimum wage in large corporations but if you’re doing it on your own you can expect to make $50 an hour easily.

Get Paid to do Something You Love – If you’re already doing something you love then congratulations, you’ve achieved something that many can only dream about. For everyone else though, a side hustle is an opportunity to get paid to do something you love.

That might mean doing guided foodie tours through your town on Saturdays or teaching kids how to golf. For some, it’s also a way to engage in their hobby without feeling overwhelming guilt. When you’re making money from your knitting you don’t have to feel guilty about spending $400 on yarn in a month because you’ll be making that money back and then some.

How Do I Start a Side Hustle?

As with many things in life, starting a side hustle will start with a list. Make a list of all your skills and hobbies, including things you love like pets. Don’t leave anything out. Consider the tasks you do at work, things you like to do on your day off, and everything in between. Things on this list that you might not think apply include reading books, bird watching, playing video games, and posting on Tiktok. All of these things can be converted into side hustles.

Next, make a list of all the equipment you have. A camera, even the one on your phone can count. Your laptop and PC count too. A collection of telescopes and binoculars might come in handy as well. Maybe what you have are a lawnmower and a bush trimmer. Your car should be on the list too. I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t spend massive amounts of money on a side hustle until you know it’s something that will work out for you.

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Now with these two lists in hand consider how you can get paid with them. No, you won’t be invited to shoot a wedding on your iPhone, but if you’ve got a good eye you could set up social media photoshoots in a local park. If you love gardening you could start growing windowsill herb kits to sell or sell packets of catnip to local cat lovers.

Also, don’t be afraid to cross something off your list. Your job might include calling people but it’s actually something you hate doing. Don’t do it as your side hustle. Because there are so many different ways for you to do side hustles it’s ok to say no to the things you don’t like doing. Find something you enjoy and put it out there. Don’t be afraid to be niche. I’ve seen side hustles where people do nothing but create custom maps for Dungeons and Dragons campaigns and they make hundreds of dollars doing it every month. That could be you.

Once you’ve got your final list made start with one that you think you would enjoy the most. Let your friends and family know what you’re doing, advertise in local Facebook groups, and get started. If it is a product you’re hoping to sell then you might need to make a few to get started so you have images to show. I can help you with advertising right here, on this site.

I can promise you that once you get started in the world of side hustles you are never going to look back. It happened to me, and it can happen to you too.

Are you currently working at home – or want to be – and aren’t sure how to increase your productivity and earn more money with the stress of the season swirling around your living quarters?

It can be hard for anyone – whether or not they have kids – to get focused and make sure they’re working hard to maximize their earnings around the holidays. After all, the weather gets cozy, there are a million activities to do, and there are tons of Christmas movies you can’t wait to watch on TV every day.

But now is the time to develop a laser focus so that you don’t end up worried about money when Christmas Day rolls around. You want to have everything neatly wrapped under the tree, with no looming credit card debt hanging over your head.

Your fastest way to quick cash around the holiday season is to work for others online as a virtual assistant, freelancer, or expert content creator.

Once you start working for yourself, you’ll have to know how to manage your life at home while balancing family life and work life. This can be tricky – especially if you do have kids roaming around while on school break, making noise and clamoring for your attention.

The best thing you can do is make time for your family (and your needs) and work around that. That’s very different from lazing around not working because you’re procrastinating.

Some online entrepreneurs find that if they give themselves limited blocks of time to work, they accomplish much more than if they vow to work all day and then continually allow themselves to be interrupted.

You can work in the morning or after the kids go to sleep. You can set up certain tasks to get accomplished each day, with milestones and goals that help you generate the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.

Working from home over the holidays may be something that you just want to do seasonally. That’s perfectly fine. But chances are, once you get a taste of the freedom you have to be your own boss and earn what you’re worth, you’ll want to keep it up for the long haul.

These are all the tips we had for you today. Make sure to learn some things on your own as you work from home. Keep a positive attitude and you can do anything you want. Do things you love and be honest while you are working. Follow these suggestions to make an improvement but don’t hesitate to try out other things. Hope you become a pro in a very short time using these.

What is your side hustle? What made you choose it?

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