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This Years Women’s Gift Guide 2016

helps women get in touch with and

show off their personalities

A women’s gift guide to help you find great gifts for all the women on your gift list. 

Gifts that will help her personality shine, gifts that will help her grow, gifts that will allow her goals to be accomplished and things that she will just really love!


What do women need, want and wish they had?

Women use so many things everyday. We need lots of items to help us in multiple areas such as mind, body, spirit, their career, parenthood, self-care and more. 

Help her by getting gifts that will help her carry out various things on her to-do lists.

Click on each item to learn more about it or get it for the ladies on your lists.

Here is my suggestion of a gift that not only is useful, practical and affordable but it will also be something she will use often are things that focuses on

  • Style – things in fashion, beauty and accessories
  • Mind, Body, Spirit
  • Motivation and Inspirational
  • Health, Wellness, and Fitness
  • Items to help her accomplish a goal and cross off items on her to-do list

When your gift package includes at least one item to help them in each of those areas, it shows her exactly how you feel about her. It lets her know that you do know her, you do understand her, you do  “get” her, you do listen to her and you are overall more connected to her than she thought. Wow Her With A Super Gift Package.

It is an excellent way to help your relationship with her. 

Click through this Women’s Gift Guide Slide Show to get some great gift suggestions.


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Learn More Here | Thank you Total Women Spa for your contribution!

Getting together a few items and packaging them up together is an amazing gift that I would truly love to get. 

Another suggestion can be for everyone in her circle claim an item to get from her wish list. Then after she is done opening up all her amazing gifts she will have something from each category.

She will be able to take on next year with some pretty amazing women’s gifts to guide her towards meeting her goals, moving forward towards her preferred next level, help her look and feel superb physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Did we help you find some great gifts? Join the conversation below with some of your own women’s gift guide suggestions. Which of these gifts did you like?

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