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Mom Is Going Back To Work. What Will She Need?

Mom is going back to work,  this a huge transition and will be something all will need to give time to adjust. Depending on how long mom was out of work may give you an idea of things she will need or have on hand to help her through it all. 

When mom decides she is heading back into the workforce, she doesn’t do it with a light thought. It weighs her down and gives her a hard time.

Look for gifts for mom that she can use in her profession and help remind her how important her going back to work means to others, not just her. Make her feel ecstatic about the decision, she already has all the negatives about it. 

This does include those moms who decide to work from home, even though they are in the home, they still have to pull themselves away from the kids to get that work done. 

Gifts For Mom Headed Back To Work

Profession Related – What does mom do all day at work? What kinds of things does she use regularly to help her get the tasks done? Office Supplies are always a must! Whether it is pens, highlighters, stapler, even a notepad, she uses some type of office supply. What about some fun personalized pens, for example, a nice pen set that has a personal message to remind her how special she is. 

Wardrobe and Accessories – Will mom need a whole new wardrobe because her current outfits consist of kid-stained pieces of cloth? Will she need some new footwear, jewelry, and other accessories so she can confidently walk into work, ready for the hectic day? What are some things you can help her increase her professional wardrobe? 

Time Management and Work Efficiency RelatedThere are great apps that help moms with scheduling, lists, reminders and more. A couple that I like for projects and such are Trello, Evernote, Timer and there are just many to help her in whatever she needs. Make sure mom has the most up to date tablet and or phone so she can be more efficient in all areas of her life. 

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Household Tasks Help – Everyone expects mom to work fifty plus hours plus take care of the kids, her spouse, the house, pets and extended family members. Once mom goes back into the workforce, even if it is a work at home position, everyone who lives with mom needs to be helping to get things done. If that isn’t a possibility a mother’s helper, a maid, a house cleaner and or a personal assistant is going to be something she needs. 

Mom Gear – Help ease mom into the workforce with items that will help her worry less and make getting the kids ready for sitters, daycare or school easier. Mom is always worried about how much and what the children are eating, diaper bags that can make transportation easier, items if she is breastfeeding and even an away from mom journal book will help her keep and stay connected to her children. 

Entertainment – Mom needs some adult entertainment, anything that is not on Disney, Nick JR., Baby Bum, or PBS!! She actually wants to watch romantic or horror movies, listen to music that doesn’t have a focus on instilling the ABC’s into her brain, she wants to read books that have more than three paragraphs per page and she wants to go out around the town to have fun. 

Self Care – Lastly, though self-care should be first, Mom needs to have a strong self-care routine. Make sure she has a nice foot and leg massager, gets at least one full body massage in every other month, gets her hair done at a salon twice a year. Help her get her emotional and mental needs met too. And please don’t ever let her forget about her hobbies!

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